Welcome to Fraternity & Sorority Life at Cornell University.  Our office provides support resources to the self-governed Cornell fraternity and sorority community. Fraternities and sororities are values based social organizations, providing members with a tight-knit community of peers, and personal growth opportunities through leadership development and service projects. Many of the organizations also offer a small residential living experience.

The Cornell fraternity and sorority community dates to the first months of University operation during the autumn of 1868.  Cornell's co-founder and first president, Andrew Dickson White, was a strong promoter of fraternal organizations as a means of teaching self-governance to students. Today, we strive to continue that ethos.


Sigma Nu Awards Announcement — Gamma Theta Chapter

Congratulations to the chapter and alumni!

The General Fraternity completed its review of the Pursuit of Excellence Program self-assessments, award applications, and chapter records for the 2014-2015 academic year. As a result, the Gamma Theta chapter was recognized with the following: 

  • Excellence in LEAD Phase 1
  • Chapter Advisor of the Year - Dr. Robert Linden

What are they doing now?

Steven Henick '15, Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity member and past Order of Omega President, is teaching 7th grade in South Carolina as part of Teach for America.  Steven uses the mug that is given out annually from the Faculty Appreciation Reception almost every day in the classroom.  The green popsicle sticks have numbers on them that correspond to numbers on the desks in the classroom, and when he pulls out a certain number, the student with that number on his/her desk needs to participate. 

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