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Chapter Highlights

What the Students Are Saying About Creating Chapters of Excellence

"The [Presidential Election] discussion was a great event that brought together a number of people who wouldn't have otherwise shared opinions. It allowed for different people to debate issues that were important to them and see them in a different light than they are used to."
- Ryan Crowley, Sigma Alpha Epsilon

“One of the things that CCE can do to assist our chapter's growth towards excellence is provide workshops on our weakest link, which is fundraising. I think is an issue for all smaller chapters that do not have the same resources and people-power as the chapters with 100 members. However, as a smaller chapter, CCE has been a great resource to our members. The opportunities it provides us have been memorable, such as participating in a "roundtable" discussion with President Lehman last year.”
– Danielle Williams, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

“Creating Chapters of Excellence provides a very unique interactive forum that allows us to work with a number of Greek organizations that we would not normally have the chance to.”
– Albert Lin, Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc.

“Creating Chapters of Excellence has expedited our ability to host and initiate programs that benefit both our part of the Cornell community and our chapter. Hosting a veterans panel and the first presidential debate have touched a nerve outside the Cornell ‘bubble’ of life.”
– Sam Page, Chi Psi

“I have been involved in theatre for years and used to do productions in high school. I hadn’t gotten involved with any Cornell productions because I felt they would take up too much time. So, I jumped at the opportunity to be in The Marriage Counselor. The cast worked well together and had a great time bringing to life the fast-paced, hilarious script. This experience was rewarding for all of us. I got to create friendships with people in different chapters and I was able to share my love of acting—something I didn’t think I’d be doing at Cornell. I look forward to another show next year!”
– Jane Frey, Kappa Delta

“Responding to the President’s Call to Engagement on behalf of the Greek community was an amazing experience for me. There was something powerful about working with other Greek leaders to put together a comprehensive overview of the multi-faceted nature of Greek Life at Cornell. After this experience, I realize the importance for the Greek system to continue providing presentations and dialogues with other constituencies—the President included—that highlight the true purpose and objectives of Greek Life at Cornell. I am thankful for the opportunity to share my love of my sorority and the Greek community with the President and I am hopeful that through this pilot program, Cornell can lead the way nationally in developing a Greek system that fosters an environment for a well-rounded and multi-dimensional college experience.”
– Dana Marohn, Kappa Kappa Gamma

“The Program has given my chapter the chance to develop projects with experiences that have left lasting impressions. I enjoy meeting members of Cornell’s Greek community that I otherwise would not interact with.”
– Vernada White, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

“Despite the slow pace with which the program was launched, we have been able to coordinate a handful of great events. Being a pilot program, we recognize that there are many avenues we have yet to pursue. We are continuing to adjust the direction as we learn more about what we can and want to get out of this. The great thing is that the availability of funding and the relationship with faculty has provided each of our chapters with a unique opportunity to try new things. Not all Greek organizations have this chance. Through Creating Chapters of Excellence I am personally excited to explore the plethora of activities (shows, concerts, guest speakers, etc.) that already take place on the Cornell campus. The ability to provide new and different experiences for our members is one of the main benefits that we wish to create.”
– Charlie Kunken, Sigma Alpha Epsilon

"The cultural dinner with AKA was a very enriching experience. The food was amazing and the conversations were intriguing. Best of all, I learned how other Greek organizations like AKA display their pride and unity while together (stroll dancing). Kappa Delta even got to personalize our own stroll!"
– Amanda Zongrone, Kappa Delta

“The overwhelming consensus at the meeting is that the majority of the chapters either never thought of expanding outside the social spectrum, or they don’t have the appropriate resources to implement their ideas…I am so grateful that Kappa has the opportunity to participate in CCE. I think that it is a great program that will result in a positive growth towards more excellent chapters on our campus.”
– Samara Fetto, Kappa Kappa Gamma

“Alpha Kappa Alpha has certainly shown signs of improvement since our involvement in the Creating Chapters of Excellence program. Not only have we worked more efficiently as a chapter, but we have clearly made strides to participate in and plan programs involving a broader range of chapters in the Cornell Greek community, which has almost always been a very positive experience. Further, the counseling and resources that we receive from OFSA has definitely pushed us to operate more effectively, while having the other chapters in the program serve as an additional system of support has made our membership a very beneficial element of our chapter operations.”
– Kimberly Dowdell, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

“The Creating Chapters of Excellence program definitely has great potential, and I’m excited to see what happens in the next few years.”
– Devan Musser, Sigma Pi