Intercultural Programs

Breaking Bread

This award-winning program brings different groups and organizations together, who most likely wouldn't be together, for dinner and facilitated discussion. The goal is to drill down more deeply into important issues and learn more about each other, leading to greater understanding and appreciation of different backgrounds, perspectives, and world views.

"Thursdays at 6-2-6"

A weekly lunch speaker series on Thursday from noon–1:00 pm.  We serve lunch and host a guest speaker or speakers who discuss topical and timely issues.

Leadership Roundtable

Student leaders from across the university meet informally throughout the semester to discuss important campus issues and resolve misunderstandings and conflicts before they escalate.

Social Justice Forum

Hosts speakers and events that focus on issues of  equity, inclusion, race and class.


  • Laptop loans
  • Computer lab/free printing
  • Free faxing / scanning
  • Spacious meeting rooms
  • Let’s Talk – Thursdays, 2:30–4:30 pm
  • Professional staff on hand to speak with you


Cornell alumni are a vital component of our community and we appreciate your support. For more information on how to connect with 6-2-6 and support our programming and initiatives, please contact Renee T. Alexander '74.