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The Office of Fraternities, Sororities and Independent Living maintains an online, searchable database for you to browse as you search for housing. Many local landlords advertise their available rentals on this website. In addition to postings from landlords, the database includes postings from students advertising available sublets and who seek additional housemates. The site is easy to navigate and the OFSIL provides some tips and strategies for maximizing your efficient use of the database.

OFSIL Housing Listing Service Database

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The Office of Fraternities, Sororities and Independent Living listserv provides a forum for those seeking housing or those who are seeking someone to share housing with or sublet their apartment, and to share your housing-search experience with others.

This is exclusive to members of the Cornell Community, you must have a valid NetID to join. If you do not yet have your NetId, please forward your letter of acceptance to the OFSIL

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