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Daniel Hoddinott

Assistant Director

Daniel Hoddinott is the Assistant Director of the Asian & Asian American Center at Cornell. He received his B.A. in Human Resource Management and Labor Relations from Rutgers University and his M.S. in Higher Education from Syracuse University. Daniel most recently served as a Complex Coordinator at the University of Texas at Austin. He has prior student affairs experience in Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, Multicultural Affairs, and Residence Life. As a student affairs professional, Daniel enjoys being able to create experiences that explore the passions of students while developing their leadership and identity

Marie Roller

Program Assistant
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Student Staff

Beining Niu '18

Graduate Intern


Program: Master of Health Administration (MHA)

Hometown: Albany, NY

Languages (besides English): Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish (un poquito)

Why do you enjoy interning at the A3C? I enjoy meeting people from all different backgrounds, both within the A3C and in the other communities the A3C partners with. I have learned so much from these people and through our programs. In addition, I love planning events and helping others develop leadership skills!


Kevin Kim '19

Graduate Intern


Program: Master of Regional Planning (MRP)

Hometown: Piscataway, NJ

Languages (besides English): Portuguese

Why do you enjoy interning at the A3C? Growing up in a family of Japanese/Korean/Brazilian backgrounds, I’ve always struggled with my own identity of being an Asian American. I love being a part of A3C because the conversations here confirmed to me that being Asian in America is more or less a spectrum, and that by coming together through the support of the center, we all can manifest a positive meaning behind our own identities.




Ana Bordallo ‘18

Senior Intern


Major: Policy Analysis and Management


Scott Ho ‘18

Senior Intern


Major(s): Biology and Society

Minor: Inequality Studies

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Languages (besides English): Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin)

Why do you enjoy interning at the A3C? The A3C provides a space for Asian Americans through not only its physical space but its events on campus. It has shown me what it means to be Asian American and how to navigate Cornell and the community beyond as an Asian American.


Bin Ru "Sophie" He ‘20


Major(s): Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Languages (besides English): Mandarin (yi dian dian), French (un peu), Korean (jogeum)

Why do you enjoy interning at the A3C? I learned so much from everyone at the A3C and had the opportunity to learn about the A3 community at Cornell and in a broader sense.


Somi Lee '19

Senior Intern

Major: Hotel Administration

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Languages (besides English): Korean, Mandarin, Spanish

Why do you enjoy interning at the A3C? I enjoy meeting people of different backgrounds and helping others as well as myself develop a stronger sense of identity and confidence in who we are as Asian-Americans. I want to empower those around me to embrace their Asian heritage and discover how that makes them unique and special.



Alice Li ‘18

Senior Intern

Major(s): Operations Research and Engineering

Hometown: Queens, NY

Languages (besides English): Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, and Fujianese)


Thu "Laura" Nguyen '21


Major(s): Policy Analysis and Management

Minor(s): Business

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Languages (besides English): Vietnamese

Why do you enjoy interning at the A3C? As an international student, I enjoy working with other Asian/Asian American students to embrace our identities and cultures. I also love being in a tightknit community where I get to learn and grow with other like-minded peers. I look forward to working with the A3C interns and bring positive impacts to the Asian/Asian American community here at Cornell!


Meera Shah ‘20



Major(s): Biological Sciences

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya

Languages (besides English): Gujarati, Kiswahili, Hindi

Why do you enjoy interning at the A3C? I enjoy interning at A3C because I can meet people from different countries and cultures with whom I share a common identity- being Asian. A3C also allows me to understand what it means being Asian in America.

Vegen Soopramanien ‘20



Major(s): Mathematics/ Statistical Science

Minor(s): French

Hometown: Grand-Gaube, Mauritius

Languages (besides English): French, Tamil, Hindi, Creole

Why do you enjoy interning at the A3C? The A3C opened for me a welcoming community at Cornell; it allowed me to meet people who went on to become my best friends here. As an international student who encompasses the idea of what it means to be Asian in an African country, I felt the need to learn more about what it means to be an Asian in the US. And the A3C guided me through that.


Yvonne Yang '21



Major(s): Civil Engineering

Hometown: Hsinchu, Taiwan / Sunnyvale, CA

Languages (besides English): Mandarin Chinese

Why do you enjoy interning at the A3C?

I enjoy meeting people of different backgrounds and hearing about their own unique experiences. Personally, I have lived in Taiwan, the Netherlands, and California and love sharing my culturally diverse background and helping others who might also be struggling as an Asian or Asian American. I also really enjoy event planning and am excited to do so at the A3C, and am excited to learn more from the other interns!

Averill Wong '21



Major(s): Policy Analysis and Management


Hometown: Nutley, NJ

Languages (besides English): Conversational Chinese (Mandarin)

Why do you enjoy interning at the A3C?  Growing up in America, I have always struggled with my identity.  The label “Asian American” is a label that I hold close to my heart and can proudly say I identify with it.  As an A3C intern, I get to work with people who understand me and I get to learn to understand them.  Although I’m a new intern, I already think of A3C as a tight-knit family that I look forward to working with.

Grace Zhao '18

Senior Intern


Major(s): Applied Economics and Management

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Languages (besides English): Chinese (Mandarin), French

Why do you enjoy interning at the A3C? I enjoy interacting with the broader A3 community and programming events that are meaningful and engaging. The A3C gives its interns the opportunity to champion our own initiatives and collaborate with an awesome team. I am constantly learning from others, and I am excited about the work that we do.

Shivani Parikh ‘19

Senior Intern


Major(s): Development Sociology

Minor(s): South Asia Studies, Asian American Studies, Law & Society, Inequality Studies, Demography, Education

Hometown: Rockland County, NY

Languages (besides English): Gujarati, Hindi, Spanish

Why do you enjoy interning at the A3C?: The A3C gave me a sense of belonging on campus, an understanding of the student organizations and resources available on & off campus, and a wonderful community of students that are also interested in creating spaces and events for an awareness and celebration of Asian American identity.