Funding Agreement

The following contains information regarding the CURW funding process.  Please read it carefully. 

Funding Preferences

  • Applications should demonstrate a serious and well-planned approach to coordinating the proposed event.
  • Proposed events should clearly align with CURW mission and the funding criteria outlined here.
  • Proposed events are preferred to be co-sponsored by multiple student groups, have no admission charge, and primarily serve undergraduates.
  • Applications should list more than one source of funding for their programs.
  • Applications with detailed, itemized budgets and supplemental financial documentation are strongly preferred over those with vague and general budget proposals.

Funding Notification and Transfer

If a funding application is approved, the organization’s primary contact must schedule a meeting with the CURW staff person who is designated in the funding notification e-mail within two weeks.  Once this meeting takes place and once promotion (if applicable) is approved, CURW will transfer funds directly to your Student Organization account, a process that may take up to four (4) weeks.  No funds will be allocated for prizes or awards based on competition OR for gifts (unless in appreciation for a speaker).  Funds will not be allocated for programs that conflict with the time of another event related to CURW. Receipts related to expenses are to be provided to the designated CURW staff member. If the organization representative does not meet with the CURW staff person designated to them for their event OR does not notify CURW of any changes to the approved program /event within two (2) weeks of the event date, promised funds by CURW may be forfeited.


If there are speakers/performers for the proposed event, the primary organization must send a contract signed by the speaker/performer to CURW at least four (4) weeks prior to the event.  Any funding that is allocated towards a speaker or performer will require a contract.  Failure to submit a completed contract by the appropriate deadline will possibility forfeit any promised funds from CURW.


If CURW sponsors the proposed event, it is expected that the organization(s) will list CURW as (co-)sponsor on event promotion.  All promotion (e.g. flyers, posters, etc.) must be approved by CURW at least three (3) weeks before the event is held.  If CURW is not listed as a co-sponsor on the event publicity, the organization(s) may become ineligible for future CURW funding.


Any organizations who receive CURW funding are required to submit an event evaluation form within two (2) weeks of the completed program/event.  Failure to submit a written summary will possibly forfeit any promised funds from CURW.