Find Your Religious Community

Everyone sees the world in a unique way.  That worldview informs many of the choices and decisions we make.  The prism through which we view the world can be identified as religious, or philosophical, or an eclectic combination of both. 

When Cornell United Religious Work was founded in 1929 most people adhered to some form of religious tradition.  Nearly a dozen different traditions—called affiliated chaplaincies—provided a full-time chaplain to serve the needs of students, faculty, and staff.

In the intervening years the number of affiliated chaplaincies has grown to twenty-nine.  Each one provides programs and services open to all Cornell students, faculty, administrators, and staff.  Take a look at the groups that are listed here on our website.  One of them might share your insight and perspective.  If yours is not represented, we would be happy to help you find that community in the larger Ithaca area or guide you in bringing that perspective here to Cornell.