Facility Descriptions

Available Spaces in Anabel Taylor Hall & Sage Chapel

Room 314 ATH 314 3rd floor 25 $25
Auditorium ATH 230 2nd floor 380 $50
The Chapel ATH 112 1st floor 150 chairs $35
The Founders Room ATH 114 1st floor 49 $50
The Edwards Room ATH G14 Ground floor 49 $35
The "unnamed" Room ATH B27 Basement 49 $35
The One World Room ATH B21 Basement 196-299 $40
Sage Chapel SGC 101 Sage Chapel 650 varies


  • Room 314, is a small room with tables grouped in the center and chairs surrounding the tables.  This is the only available configuration for this space.  The tables should not be moved.  There is a white board in this space that you may use.  There are no phone connections in this room.
  • The Auditorium has its own sound system which is quite old.  We can offer up to 3 wired microphones for your use.  We have no connections for your computer or other devices into the sound system.  There is a large projection screen that comes down on the stage but we do not have a projector for your use.  Typically these can be rented from the library.  There is also a baby grand piano on the stage.
  • The Chapel has a total of 150 available chairs.  It too has its own, old sound system with no connections for your computer or other devices to go directly through the system.  We can offer up to two wireless microphones for this space.  In the chapel is an upright Steinway piano.
  • The Founders Room is one of the most popular rooms in the building.  This room has a baby grand piano.  The large wooden table and other furniture should not be moved from their current locations.
  • The Edwards Room is an open room with no set-up and 49 available chairs.  There is a white board in this space and two tables.
  • The One World Room is a large open room, ½ carpet and ½ tiled flooring.  It has a baby grand piano and its own sound system for which we can provide one wired microphone.  The room also has no set-up (aside from the piano and large wooden table which should not be moved); there are a variety of tables and approximately 250 chairs available for use in this space.
  • Sage Chapel is reservable at the discretion of the Building Coordinator.  It is suitable for weddings, memorials, baptisms, lectures, film screenings and some concerts.  The charge for use of this space varies.