Fines & Fees

Fines and fees for misuse of Anabel Taylor Hall (ATH) will be charged according to the information below.

Cancellation Policy

Cornell groups:  Cancellations must be made three (5) working days prior to the event date for all rooms in ATH.  There is a $25 fee for late cancellations, which applies whether or not the particular group must pay to use the space.

Non-Cornell groups: Cancellations must be made twenty (20) working days prior to event date for all rooms.  The fine for late cancellations will be $25.

Alcohol Use Fines

Violations of University Policy 4.8, Alcohol and Other Drugs, may result in a fine of up to $200 as well as denial of requests for space for future events.  Violators may be referred to the Judicial Administrator.

Clean-Up Fees

Failure to leave a room in the same condition in which it was found including rearrangement of furniture back to the original lay out, will result in a charge for Custodial time plus any damages.  CURW staff will assess the fee.

Exceeding Reservation Time

A fee of $50 per hour or fraction of an hour past scheduled event end time will be charged plus Manager on Duty actual time.

Posting/Decorating Fines

If any group violates the ATH Posting and Decorating Policy it will be charged a fine of $20 per incident, plus actual damages, if any.

Note: Unpaid fines and/or fees will result in denial of any future reservation requests.