Service of Remembrance

When a member of the Cornell community dies, a Service of Remembrance is often prepared through the collaborative efforts of Cornell United Religious Work (CURW), the family of the deceased, and the university.

A university Service of Remembrance honors a current student or alumnus/alumna, as well as current or retired faculty, staff member, administrators or trustees. 

This Service honors the life and impact of the deceased on the Cornell community.  It is neither a religious service nor a funeral.

An early contact with the Director of Cornell United Religious Work, Rev. Daniel McMullin, begins the process of procuring an appropriate space.  The Director provides additional guidelines and assists colleagues, family, and friends of the deceased in the development of an Order of Service. 

CURW facilitates the design and printing costs of the Order of Service but will defer to family discretion on this matter.  Should the Service be followed by a reception, the management and costs are generally borne by the impacted university department or program.

While the Director is always available to lead a Service of Remembrance, another colleague, chaplain, or friend may also step into this role.

The University Organist has the responsibility and privilege of managing and supervising the use of all three chapel organs.  If an organ is to be used, it is the University organist who is invited to perform.  Any other organist must be approved through the University organist.  A stipend for the organist from the department or family is expected and offered on the day of the Service.

There are no fees, however, for the use of chapel or for the Director’s assistance.


Rev. Daniel McMullin, M.Div., D.M.A.
Associate Dean of Students for Spirituality and Meaning-Making and
Director of Cornell United Religious Work or 607-255-4214

Annette Richards, Ph.D.
University Organist or 607-255-7102


David Yearsley, Ph.D.
Assistant University Organist or 607-255-9024