Beggs Lecture

This lecture is named in memory of the Rev. Robert W. Beggs, an Episcopal priest and CURW affiliate, and Mabel Beggs, a co-founder of the Foundation of Light Spiritual Center in Ithaca. They bequeathed to CURW an endowment for a lectureship on science, spirituality and society in consultation with Science and Technology Studies and Religious Studies. Emphasis is placed on ethics and public policy, comparative religions and the interplay between science and religion to illustrate, in  Rev. Beggs’ words,  “science and religious spirituality can work hand in hand for a better world society.”

Past Beggs Lecturers

  • 2013 — Fr. George Coyne, LeMoyne University
  • 2012 — Katherine Hayhoe, Texas Tech University
  • 2010 — Elaine Howard Ecklund ’95, Ph.D. ‘04, Baylor University
  • 2009 — Sylvester James Gates, University of Maryland
  • 2007 — Owen Gingerich, Harvard University