Athletic Resources

This page contains links to resources and organizations that focus on issues of sexuality and gender for athletes. Please contact the LGBT Resource Center if you have suggestions for additions to this resource listing.

A news source dedicated to reporting on LGBTQ athletes and sports at the college and professional level.

Changing the Game (GLSENSports Project)
A site for the promotion of the GLSEN Sports Project, a program that aims to address LGBTQ issues in youth sports, such as homophobia and transphobia in K-12 schools.

Athlete Ally
A website for Hudson Taylor’s program Athlete Ally, which he founded as a result of witnessing acts of homophobia as a high school athlete, and aims to spread awareness and support to and for LGBTQ athletes. There is also a chapter at Cornell University.

You Can Play Project
The main site of You Can Play, an organization dedicated to challenging “locker room culture” and protecting and supporting athletes of all sexual orientations.

Campus Pride's Out to Play Project
The site of Campus Pride, whose mission statement reads: “Campus Pride serves LGBT and ally student leaders and campus organizations in the areas of leadership development, support programs and services to create safer, more inclusive LGBT-friendly colleges and universities.”

Sports Media Program
Sports Project, National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR)

It Takes a Team, Women's Sports Foundation
The main site for the Women’s Sports Foundation, which aims to help girls and women achieve in the world of sports and address issues of gender inequality in athletics. 

GO! (Generation Out) Athletes  
A site dedicated to fostering a network of current and former LGBTQ student athletes and allies at all academic levels; this particular link is GO!’s list of online partners and resources.