Race & Ethnicity Resources

This page contains links to resources and organizations that focus on issues of sexuality and gender as they intersect with racial and ethnic identities.
Please contact the LGBT Resource Center if you have suggestions for additions to this resource listing.

Queer People Of Color (QPOC) Resources

Bklyn Boi Hood
A site for an art and community based organization that encourages LGBTQ-identified boys and men of color to explore and appreciate expressions of healthy masculinity and intersectionality. 

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission 
From their mission statement: “the IGLHRC is an international organization dedicated to human rights advocacy on behalf of people who experience discrimination or abuse on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or expression”; the site provides information on LGBTQ issues in specific countries and the work that the IGLHRC does regularly.

The Pipeline Project
The site for an organization helping to increase the number of people of color working in LGBTQ/advocacy organizations; the site provides information about the project and about how to get involved. 

Silvia Rivera Law Project
A legal resource for those who find themselves in comprising legal circumstances due to their LGBTQ identity; “The Sylvia Rivera Law Project works to guarantee that all people are free to self-determine gender identity and expression, regardless of income or race, and without facing harassment, discrimination, or violence.”

The website for FIERCE, an organization working towards “building leadership and power of LGBTQ youth of color in New York City through advocacy work and community building.

Immigration Equality
A place to learn about the rights of LGBTQ immigrants and how to support them, or to seek help as an LGBTQ immigrant.

Safe Schools Coalition 
An organization focused on creating safe and productive learning (and teaching) environments for students and teachers who identify as LGBTQ; the site includes information about the organization and resources to use in schools to better the cause.

Trans People of Color Coalition  
The main site for an organization that seeks to empower the trans* community through connecting activists, advocates, and members of the community to create a movement of support and resources for transpeople of color; there are links to information about advocacy work and trans* resources included.

African American / Black / African

Black Trans Men
A site that aims to acknowledge, support, and provide equal protection to black transgender men (and all members of the LGBTQ community) as well as provide resources to help in achieving a healthy female to male transition.

National Black Justice Coalition
A comprehensive site that provides information about a large variety of issues affecting LGBTQ people of color; there are links to descriptions of issues and news resources about the same issues.

Zuna Institute
A site dedicated to educating the public about issues affecting LGBTQ women of color.

Gay Men of African Descent
A site that serves to educate about issues specific to the black gay community and provide resources for African men who identify as LGBTQ and/or may be suffering from HIV/AIDS.

National Association of Black and White Men Together
A place to find local chapters of NABWMT and find out how to work with a group that is “committed to fostering supportive environments wherein cultural and racial barriers can be overcome.”

Asian and Pacific Islander

Asian Pacific Islander Equality (California)
An organization based in California advocating for equal rights and opportunities for LGBTQ individuals who are of Asian and Pacific Island descent through education and community efforts.

Asian Pacific Islander Queer Woman and Transgender Community
“Provides opportunities for Asian & Pacific Islander queer women and transgender people to socialize, network, build community, and increase community visibility”; the site offers information about how to get involved in events and also provides LGBTQ resources.

Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (California)
Based in California, this organization works to increase awareness about the issues surrounding the lives of LGBTQ Asian/Pacific Islander individuals and also serves to foster a supportive community for these individuals.

Queer Asian Pacific-Islander Alliance
With focus on the Boston/New England areas, this site works to provide social, political, and educational support for LGBTQ Asian/Pacific Islanders in the area; the site also includes relevant news stories.

Asian & Pacific Islander Family Pride
An organization that hosts events and offers information to help mitigate the problem of isolation, abandonment and general struggles of the members of Asian and Pacific Islander families who identify as LGBTQ.

Trikone - LGBT South Asians (California)
Trikone offers a supportive, empowering & non-judgmental environment where LGBTQ South Asians & their allies can meet, make connections, & proudly promote awareness & acceptance of their sexual identity.

Q&A Space
Q&A Space is the first fully dedicated online resource specifically designed for Asian and Pacific Islander LGBT individuals who are struggling to navigate the coming out process. It features stories, in-language resources or parents, the ability for community members to share their own journeys, and more. 

Latina/Latino, Chicana/Chicano, and Hispanic

Latino/a Roundtable
The Latino/a Roundtable was created on a basis of love, acceptance and positive transformation and serves to promote understanding, acceptance and affirmation of Latino/a LGBTQ persons and their families by transforming Latino/a faith communities and the wider Latino/a community.

Native American

A website dedicated to educating the public about the history and reality of being a two-spirit individual

A site that provides educational and news resources about two-spirit individuals.