Former Winners

2018 South Asian Council 

2017   Breaking Bread

2016    Mixed at Cornell

2015    Dining with Diverse Minds

2014    Intergroup Dialogue Project

2013   Cornell Bridges to Community

2012   Cornell DREAM Team:  Cornell Dreaming

2011   Committee for the Advancement of Muslim Culture 

2010   Cornell Farmworker Program  

2009   MOSAIC – For Queer and Same-Gender Loving People of Color  

2008   "Questions out of a Hat"   Black Students United  

2007   Ordinary People  

2006   Around the World in 8 Days. . .Goes to Africa  

2005   Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration  

2004   Government 210: Race in the United States and at Cornell  

2003   Cornell Hillel- MECA Mosaic Project  

2002    BLEND (Bi-Multiracial Lineages, Ethnicities, & Nationalities Discussion); Founder and President Tamika Lewis (CALS '02)  

2001   Cornell Interactive Theatre Ensemble  

2000   Campus Climate Committee  

1999   Multicultural Living Learning Unit (McLLU)  

1998   Akwe:kon  

1997   Orpheus Malik Williams (HE '97), co-leader of Peer Educators in Human Relations (PEHR)  

1996   The Festival of Black Gospel  

1995   Seth Meinero (A&S '95), for "Civil Rights in America" symposia