Reserve Space

We use the R25 system for reserving space at 626 Thurston. Please put your reservation in 5 business days prior to your event/meeting.

  • If you are scheduling for a student group, use the student WebViewer where the student organizations are listed.
  • If you are a staff member, you need to use the non-student WebViewer so you can select a campus organization (unless you are scheduling something for a student group—see above).

It is important to fill out all of the information correctly and don’t forget to put in the expected head count! Events are not confirmed until you get receive a response.

Below are the available rooms and the corresponding “code” in R25:

  • A3C Conference Rm - G06 (capacity: 15) R25 Code: THAG06
  • A3C Lounge - G02 R25 Code: THAG02
  • 1st floor Multipurpose Rm - 106 R25 Code: THA106
  • 1st floor Conference Rm A - 103 (capacity: 9-12) R25 Code: THA103
  • 2nd floor Conference Rm B - 207 (capacity: 10) R25 Code: THA207
  • 2nd floor Lounge - 202A R25 Code: THA202A
  • 3rd floor Conference Rm C - 305 R25 Code: THA305
  • LGBT Resource Center Lounge - 302A R25 Code: THA302A


626 Thurston welcomes requests for recurring meetings and events.  Please refer to the above form to reserve space in the building.


All reservations are tentative until a confirmation note is sent to the party submitting the room reservation request.


Groups, clubs, and organizations that do not show up for their reservations will be notified that any other no-show during the academic year may result in loss of privileges to reserve space in 626 Thurston.


Repeated failure to cancel without sufficient notice may results in loss of privileges of reserving rooms at 626 Thurston. You may contact us at 607-255-3693.

Foo​d & Beverages

Food and refreshments are permitted throughout the building, however, your group or organization is entirely responsible for set up and clean up after the event/meeting.  No alcohol is permitted.

Clean Up

It is the responsibility of each group/organization to remove and dispose of any trash/debris that is discarded during your event.  A fee of $40.00 will be charged to your University account for rooms where trash/debris is not properly handled and discarded.


Use of and support for audiovisual equipment is available for groups, organizations and clubs that have reserved the space.  There is no fee for equipment usage, however, you must request AV equipment 3 days in advance of your activity/meeting/event.