Find Support

One of the foremost priorities of the WRC is to centralize resources about women’s, gender and sexuality issues for Cornell students.  For some, the WRC might not have all the answers that you are seeking. Please feel free to use these links to incredible resources and organizations, not only within Cornell, but around the world. Choose a category below to get more specific resources in those areas.

If you have an idea for a resource — on or off-campus — that we should include and which is not listed here, please email us at

Women's Health & Sexuality

Helpful resources for women-identified people who have questions about their body, physical, and sexual health.

Sexual Assault

If you have been sexually assaulted, or know anyone who has been assaulted, find more information on where to seek support, reporting options, and hear from others who have been in the same situation.

Body Image

The strive for perfection can hurt even the highest self-esteem. Speak to a counselor or find others who are also struggling with self-esteem.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

If you or a friend are suffering from alcohol or drug problems, find answers and support through the following resources.

Academic Support

Cornell classes are challenging and difficult, but don't let the stress bring you down. Meet with a tutor or take supplemental classes to help you catch up where you've fallen behind.