Funding & Sponsorship

Co-Sponsored Programs

Is your organization planning an event that is consistent with the mission of the Women's Resource Center? Are you looking for funding through the WRC co-sponsorship fund? We would love to hear from you! Our application for Fall 2018 funding is currently on hold as we revise our funding processes. Thank you for your understanding.

Co-sponsorship application requests will be reviewed two to three times per semester. Please contact us early if you have questions! We are not able to review co-sponsorship requests outside of these dates, so please plan accordingly with regard to your event timeline. 

**All funding decisions are subject to the WRC's budget for co-sponsorship allocations and are made at the discretion of the WRC Executive Board.**

Thanks to our 2017-18 partners!
Last year we were able to support over 18 student organizations at Cornell whose work and programs provided incredible opportunities for students to expand their understanding of issues related to gender, sexuality, and an array of other identities.

Some of the groups we co-sponsored included:

  • (not so) Average Women
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha
  • Association of Graduates in Theatre
  • Black Women's Support Network
  • CJC
  • ConsentEd
  • Cornell Muslim Life Program
  • Design Connect
  • Expanding Your Horizons
  • Fanclub Collective
  • Forte
  • Gender Justice Clinic
  • I Love Female Orgasm
  • Lamba Pi Chi
  • Las Femmes de Substance
  • Women of Color Coalition
  • Building Ourselves through Sisterhood and Service
  • Melodramatics Theatre Company
  • Planned Parenthood Generation Action
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Week
  • Scientista
  • Smart Women Securities
  • Society for Women in Business
  • The Curly Initiative
  • Wanawake Wa Wari
  • Women in Healthcare Leadership