Executive Board

Want to end sexism and promote equality? Make a difference on campus? Join a group of energetic people who are committed to women's issues and feminism at Cornell! The Center was founded by students over 35 years ago and today is going strong, with an active student Board and full time Director and Assistant Director.

The Executive Board welcomes participation from people of all races, sexualities, genders, classes, and feminisms! Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply. 

The mission of the WRC is to foster a more vibrant campus community by supporting the full and active participation of women-identified students in both their personal and educational pursuits at Cornell. By providing a centralized location for information, resources and referral, support, educational programming and outreach, the WRC hopes to create discussion and awareness of issues pertinent to the lives of women, including topics such as body image, violence against women, and the right to reproductive choice. The WRC seeks to create a safe and supportive environment for all students. Explore this site further for an overview of our work and examples of our programs.

The Executive Board

The purpose of the Executive Board (E-board) is to provide support for the WRC in fulfilling its mission. The E-board performs the following functions:

  • Plans and coordinates year-round WRC programs, events, and projects.
  • Recruits, supports, and leads an active WRC General Body (G-body).
  • Facilitates weekly meetings and leads G-body Committees.
  • Collaborates with Cornell and Ithaca community members outside of the WRC.
  • Helps oversee the WRC budget and allocates co-sponsorship program funds.
  • Supports the Director in carrying out the mission of the WRC.
  • Guides the vision of the WRC.

Mandatory E-board Commitment

  • Attend all weekly meetings throughout the school year. Meetings are Tuesdays from 4:30-6:00 pm.
  • Coordinate agenda and facilitate at least one weekly meeting per semester.
  • Take minutes for at least one weekly meeting per semester.
  • Lead a G-body Committee, on an area of your choice, focused on program planning, outreach, and/or advocacy campaigns.
  • Must facilitate at least one Feminism: Food for Thought program each semester.
  • Attend weekend retreats in early September and February.
  • Volunteer 2 hours per week at the WRC.
  • Attend at least 3 WRC sponsored or cosponsored events per semester and write up a short report on each program/event.
  • Stay in regular communication with other members of the E-board via email, meetings, and other forms of communication.

General Body Information

The Executive Board is charged with developing a platform in which members of the Cornell Community are able to engage with issues addressed in the WRC mission.  At times this has taken the form of a G-Body, however this structure can change over time.  The General Body members assist with the daily functioning of the Center, help execute WRC programs and events, and are an integral part of the Center.  In order to function well and accomplish its goals, the WRC E-board must be kept to a relatively small group.  This means that our process for accepting new E-board members is selective.  If the E-board commitment is too much, or it you are not selected to be on the E-board, the WRC welcomes you to become a G-body Member!  More information on G-body membership will be provided at the beginning of the fall 2016 semester.  We strive to include a diversity of ideas, perspectives and voices through our G-body.

Application Instructions

The Executive Board selection process is now open for 2018-19. Download the application.  Applications are due by April 30, 2018 at 11:59pm.  Late applications will not be accepted.