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Message from Associate Dean of Students Travis Apgar

"Cornell's Greek community is among the best in the nation. There is no better example of student organizations that work to enhance their members collegiate experience. The leadership, self-governance, integrity, and interpersonal skills that are developed, combined with the outside of the classroom educational experiences such as community service opportunities is what makes belonging so special. We will continue to strive towards becoming an example of excellence, and play our part in defining the next evolution of Greek life."  

Fraternity and Sorority Recruitment and Intake Webinar
Fraternity and Sorority Recruitment and Intake Webinar
Live broadcast Jan. 8 at 3 p.m. ET - Join us to learn about the processes by which students join the Cornell Greek Community. Fraternity and sorority advising staff will explain the timeline and day-to-day experience of this mutual selection process and answer your questions. Students and parents are welcome. No registration is required to participate.

MEETING THE CHALLENGE - November 28, 2012

Below is a link where you can access information for meeting the challenge to “end pledging as we know it”, issued by President Skorton in August of 2011.  Many students, alumni, and other stakeholders have contributed to this work.


Andrew Dickson White Annual Summit for Greeks
February 21-23, 2014~ Ithaca, NY

 This year's conference will bring together leaders of Cornell's fraternity and sorority chapters, top administrative leaders in student life, and other Greek alumni for important conversations.

Over three days you will:
* Learn about today's changing landscape for fraternities and sororities from nationwide leaders
* Find out about President Skorton's challenge to "end pledging as we know it"
* Connect with student leaders and share your ideas and experience
* Understand how and why Cornell is helping fraternities and sororities focus on new member recruitment and development
* Hear from Vice President Susan H. Murphy, Dean Kent Hubbell, Associate Dean of Students Travis Apgar, and other campus leaders
* Share ideas about upholding the core values and principles of Cornell's chapters

PLEASE NOTE: Only alumni need to register in advance.  Student attendees do not register or pay a registration fee for the Saturday portion.

To register: