Reserve Space

Priorities Regarding the Use of Anabel Taylor Hall 

CURW and CTA groups take precedence over all others.  Within these groupings, the following priorities shall apply:

CURW and CTA Groups

  • Religious services should take precedence over all other events.
  • Religious festival (e.g. High Holy Days, religious days of obligation) observance should take precedence over all other events.  These reservations must be submitted with the complete semester reservations.  If they are submitted late, they will not take precedence over all other events.
  • Regularly scheduled events normally take precedence over special events.  (Subject to negotiated exceptions.)  This could not be a hard and fast rule, in view of the importance of the occasional very special event.
  • Events directly sponsored by member groups of CURW or CTA take precedence over events sponsored by groups associated with member groups.
  • Meetings involving students and University personnel should take precedence over children’s programs and basically non-University activities.
  • The most reasonable use of room in relation to numbers involved and to differing types of meetings should be made.

Priorities for Non-Building Groups

  • Music Department
  • Law School Classes
  • “Human Development” programs sponsored by registered student groups or University departments.
  • Academic (credit) University courses.
  • Individual events or short-term series sponsored by registered student groups or University departments.
  • Non-University groups (the public), only if sponsored by a University group.

Non-CURW member groups wishing to use space in Anabel Taylor Hall must request a reservation a minimum of ten (10) working days before the event using the University scheduling system.  CURW member groups may reserve the space up to one year in advance and do so directly with the Building Coordinator.  Other groups may reserve the space up to two months preceding the semester in which the event takes place.

Room Reservation Policy

Information describing available rooms, capacity and rates for use of Anabel Taylor Hall (ATH) is available here.

  1. Registered Cornell students, registered student organizations, and other University affiliated groups may request use of rooms in Anabel Taylor Hall by using the university R25 room scheduling system.
  2. Non-Cornell groups may request use of space in Anabel Taylor Hall by contacting the ATH Building Coordinator, (607) 255-6002.  These events are subject to approval related to university guidelines and restrictions, and as a result, not all event requests can be honored.
  3. Requests for standing, weekly room reservations may be made at the beginning of each semester by completing a request through the R25 room scheduling system.
  4. The ATH Building Coordinator will review all requests for standing room reservations.  Standing room reservations are limited to one (1) per group or organization with the maximum time limit of 2 hours per reservation.
  5. No group may have more than three (3) room or space reservations scheduled in advance at any one time during the semester.  A standing room reservation is considered 1 reservation.
  6. All reservations are tentative pending receipt of required paperwork (i.e., reservation form, approved UUP).  Required paperwork information will be included in the email confirming that your reservation request has been received.  If this is not done on a timely basis, the room may be released.
  7. The ATH Building Coordinator reserves the right to reschedule any event.  As much prior notice as possible will be given to those groups which have previously reserved the room or space.
  8. No furniture or fixtures may be moved in any room.  There are photos posted of expectations of how the room should be when you arrive as well when you leave.  We will NOT provide the set-up for you.
  9. All rooms must be returned to their original condition.  If they are not, the organization will be charged an amount at least equal to custodial time.  If any damage is done, the organization will be charged an amount at least equal to all ATH costs, including custodial time, cleaning and damages.
  10. All persons making reservations are encouraged to refer to the Fines and Fees policy, which contains information on cancellation policies, fees and fines associated with use of Anabel Taylor Hall.  Current rate schedules are also available in Room 118 ATH.
  11. Anabel Taylor Hall assumes no responsibility for groups’ display items or materials.