About Us

Aiden Cropsey

Interim Director LGBT Resource Center
(607) 254-4987

Aiden Cropsey is the Interim Director of the LGBT Resource Center at Cornell University. After graduating from SUNY Geneseo with a degree in Psychology, Aiden went on to earn a Graduate Certificate in LGBT Health Policy and Practice from the George Washington University. While completing his graduate work, he became the founding Coordinator of the Office of LGBTQ Programs and Services at SUNY Geneseo.

Aiden has always been deeply involved with social justice issues, dedicating summers to riding a bicycle across New England for climate change awareness, completing an AmeriCorps term and volunteering on disaster relief service trips. He has focused his passions on the LGBTQ community in order to contribute to LGBTQ student’s college experience through education, advocacy and empowerment. Aiden has worked on several research projects examining LGBT college student’s perceptions of support, campus climate and overall campus experiences. Aiden has developed university-specific trainings to increase culturally competent health care for college students along with educational workshops on transgender identity, intersectionality, and privilege.

In addition to his work in university settings, Aiden has served as a panelist for community events, is a Safe Zone trainer and does stress relief visits with his therapy dog, Koda.

Student Staff

Graduate and Professional Student Intern
Alan Chiu
3rd Floor, 626 Thurston

Alan is a PhD Student in the Biological and Environmental Engineering department studying the use of gels to protect transplanted organs from immune rejection.  He is a proud product of Hong Kong and Rhode Island, two small places with big hearts!  Alan hopes to continue developing opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community at Cornell, especially for graduate and professional students. Outside of Cornell, Alan spends most of his excess energy beating back his wanderlust with short trips, being an overly opinionated tennis fan, and trying his hand at creating unique baked goods.

Community Outreach & Digital Networking Intern
Ashton Cooper
3rd Floor, 626 Thurston

Ashton Cooper (he, him, his) is a senior in the College of Engineering studying Computer Science and Game Design. He is a TA for an Information Science course called "Design for Social Impact" and he has been an active member of the LGBTQ+ community at Cornell and an intern at the LGBT Resource Center for the last 3 years. Ashton is interested in creating queer-friendly social spaces for people on campus to engage in discussion, from topics as benign as board games to as serious as contemporary politics. If you have any questions about how to get involved in queer life on campus, he's happy to help! You can reach him at acc328@cornell.edu.

Education and Advocacy Intern
Elizabeth Cavic
3rd Floor, 626 Thurston

Hi! I'm Elizabeth. I am a senior in the College of Human Ecology, studying Human Development with a concentration in Social and Personality Development. In my academic life, I am also intensely attracted to human attachment science (pun intended). Given that I myself am mixed race and queer, I have profound respect for the difference that educating other people on what might be considered sensitive topics can make. I try to bring this passion to my work at the center in hopes of contributing to the queer community in the best way possible. When I'm not at 626, you can find me with the other brothers of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, on a basketball court somewhere, or in Olin Library spending too much time with coffee!

Volunteer Coordinator
Scott Ho
3rd Floor, 626 Thurston

My name is Scott Ho and I am a Biology and Society major at Cornell. When I’m not contemplating whether I should go exercise, I like to play piano. I’ve always wanted to help out and be more involved with the LGBT community so I’m taking my first step as the Volunteer Coordinator at the Cornell LGBT Resource Center. I’m looking forward to facilitating more programs and spreading the love of the Resource Center!