Mission and Goals


The mission of Student Development Diversity Initiatives (SDDI) is to support students in the development of their social and cultural identities. We are proud to carry out identity work with a focus on race and ethnicity where we consciously embrace the intersectionality of our students’ identities, including gender, sexuality, ability, class, and first generation status.

Through all we do, we strive toward social, cultural, and educational equity for all students.


  • Contributing to the social and cultural identity development through student organization involvement
  • Providing experiential learning opportunities through student organizational management, development, co-development of resources, and internship opportunities to prepare our students to be agents of change
  • Putting on educational events whose topics contribute to the social and cultural capital development of our future Cornell alumni
  • Developing resources – driven by data and needs-based assessments – to move towards social, cultural, and educational equity
  • Fostering an inclusive campus climate of respect and accountability
  • Facilitating and taking part in the intersectional identity development of our students


Cornell alumni are a vital component of our community and we appreciate your support.

For more information on how to connect with SDDI and supporting our programming initiatives, please contact Carlton Smith.

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